The Compatriots (Episode 3)

As they were walking through the jungle mostly in parallel to the Margo tracks, the sun starts to shy away from the skies and the lonely moon is upon them.

“I think we should be going back. We don’t want to get ourselves stuck in the jungle with the Tynes without the sun.” William said, worriedly.

“Alright. Let’s get going then.” David replied.

While they were tracking back from where they came, suddenly David spots an unusually big footprint.

“This doesn’t look good, Will.” David said as he turned to Will with a worried expression.

Just before Will can utter any words, they both heard conversations among the tree lines. Curiously, as both William and David peak through the leaves, there stood 3 large figures. Mostly dressed in rugged animal skin clothing and with an almost bald hairstyle, both of the Dunningtown adventurers knew, … they were up against three Tynes.

“What are we supposed to do, Dave? That’s our only way back.” William whispered as he started to show perspiration of fear.

“Unless we can pass through the thick jungle without the guidance of our own track, I think we got to camp here silently and wait it out.” David replied.

Just as they were both about to agree with David’s idea, one of the Tynes got too smart at that particular moment.

“It seems like we are intrudeds… we Tynes should shows the lil’ beings thats tisz jungle of oursz iz not for themsz.” the Tyne said as he inspected the tracks David and William left behind.

“Gibberishes, Olag. Who darez to steps into our humblelest jungle homesz.” replied another Tyne.

“But lookz here, tiz has got to be the prints of the lil’ beings.” the Tyne which seems to possess the name of Olag, replied.

“Hmm,… then tiz lil’ ones better hopez that we don’t findsz them.” replied the previous Tyne.

Shaking from fear, William’s thought is pounding with the intend to run for his life straight through the Tynes and hope that he could outrun them into the borders of Dunningtown. However, out of a sudden, they could hear the leaves moving.

“Seems like someone’s here besides us.” David said as he examines their surroundings.

“I promise I would not hurt both of you lads if you would not scream nor do anything funny as  I reveal myself to you.” a rather soft toned voice spoke. “I would gladly help you lads rid off these filthy Tynes.”

“Well, sure. Reveal yourself and we have a deal.” David replied without giving it much thoughts.

Soon after, a dark figure, not more than half the height of William came out from the tree lines.

“Wait,… you’re a Margo.” William said as he widen his eyes.

“Yes, I am.” the Margo replied. “You see, I am a hunter, and a rather good one. It’s been days since I get myself anything fancy from the jungle way west from here. So I took the initiative to travel rather further from where I used to hunt.” the Margo continued as he begins his adventure tales.

“Look, we got no time to waste. I’m sure that story of yours can continue once we get pass these Tynes.” David interrupts while pointing towards the setting sun.

“Fine, you puny human.” the Margo said as he slowly removes his bow and lay it on the ground expecting David to look after it. Soon after, he shove out two daggers, one from each side of his well designed leather-like suit. With two daggers in both hands, the Margo slowly walked towards the Tynes’ direction with utmost confidence.

“Well, well, well… if not for the filthy Tynes.” said the Margo as he revealed himself to the three Tynes.

“How darez you lil’ puny thingz!” Olag the Tyne replied with anger.

“There, there… please be courteous or I shall remove your filthy tongues from your empty skull.” replied the Margo while pointing his right dagger towards the Tyne’s face.

“Boyz! Let’sz make tiz lil’ thingz our dinners!” shouted the other Tyne.

Just seconds after the shout, the three Tynes charged at the Margo. With agile-like moves, he managed to escape the grab from all three of the Tynes. While evading, with fluent and fluid moves, he managed to slice their palms with his daggers. Crying in pain and with anger, all three Tynes now tried to trap him from three sides. The Margo then skilfully threw one of his daggers at the eye of one of the Tynes and later on hopped on top of him and put another dagger through his skull, at an instant, ending his life.

Staring with disbelief, the other two Tynes continue on with the plan. After swiftly retrieving his daggers, the Margo jumped right onto another one of the Tyne and sliced through his throat with ease, instantly putting the Tyne down to the ground, immobilized.

As soon as that, he hopped up again to the last Tyne. This time, without much agile and fancy moves, the Margo put one dagger through the Tyne’s arms, causing the Tyne to scream out with pain. Once his mouth was wide open from the cry, the Margo shifted right up to his face and pulled out the Tyne’s tongue. With swift action, the Margo’s dagger sliced through the tongue, leaving the Tyne to collapse uttering literal gibberish while crying with pain.

“I told you I would slice out your tongue.” the Margo said as he dusted his hands and wiped his daggers on his suit in an attempt to clean the Tyne blood stain.

Witnessing the action in disbelief, both David and William later on approached the Margo.

“Wow! You are really really good!” William exclaimed as his eyes flicker with admiration.

“Thank you for your help. May I ask what we may call you?” David asked while offering his hand for a shake.

“You can call me Yvnes. My name’s Yvnes Stronghold.” the Margo replied while reaching out to shake David’s hand.

“Alright Yvnes, we will now continue our journey back home to Dunningtown. Hope you have a pleasant hunt and once again thank you for your help.” said David.

“Wait, human. Let me follow you lads to Dunningtown. I have a message to bring to your people.” replied Yvnes as he blocked the path of both David and William.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. We would need to come out with an explanation.” William said as he scratch his forehead.


The Compatriots (Episode 2)

“We certainly need to see this out.” David said as he glared at the suspicious figure in the distant. “Let’s go Will! Let’s investigate!”

William being just 2 years older than David, never actually acted upon his seniority. Being a well-built young man, a head length taller than David, and a fair complexion, William is too timid for a man of his size. With this timid trait, he is always following David in whatever he does with or without his own opinions or stand.

Before the two went on to investigate, they went on to David’s shack to grab on their gears and stock on some food for the evening. “Would we really need these food, Dave?” William said as he looked inquisitively at the bag of bread that David had packed. “Sure we do. We have no idea how long we would spend in the outer skirts of the farm looking for this Margo of yours. We won’t wanna’ be starving through the night, do we?”

After packing everything they could, the both of them head out of the shack. Packing mainly food, followed by hoes, a rusty dagger, some ropes, and a pickaxe, both of them surely look like they are going for a journey way further than the outskirts of the farm. The people of Dunningtown often bring hoes with them as they leave their humble shacks. With the outskirts being a dangerous place, most of them are trained to dig deep to spend the nights whenever they are out of the protection of Crowe’s guards.

The Kingdom of Crowe sit directly at the south eastern region of Valador. Ruled by a sloth, King Willei Navara, heir of the late and wise King Tunis Navara, is certainly the reason why Crowe had fallen off its glory days. Unlike decades ago under the stewardship of King Tunis, Crowe was one of the richest kingdom within the region. With the high consumption of Fisher seeds, King Willei had instructed the higher rate of farming around his castle. Dunningtown being in the western most region of Crowe is considered as one of Willei Navara’s pride in its kingdom’s outer ring of Fisher farms. Having the guards of Crowe guarding the outskirts of Dunningtown would certainly prevent the Tynes from coming in and ravaging Navara’s proudest yields.

Venturing beyond these region would mean that both David and William are far from Crowe’s guards and into the jungle where the Tynes reside. “Good thing we have our hoes huh, Dave? Wouldn’t want the filthy Tynes to make us their scrumptious breakfast in the morning.”

“Let’s hope we wouldn’t need to venture into any Tyne Camps or better yet, dig our own grave on their yard.” David replied with a grin on his face to signify his inadequate sense of humour.

Reaching the borders, David could see the guards looking at them suspiciously. Probably due to the fact that most Dunningtowns do not venture into the outer region, it would be a foolish thing to do to venture into the Tynes’ residence. As they approach the border, a guard approached them and asked, “What both of you younglings doing all the way out here? Let me take a good look at y’all faces.”

Grabbing both their faces and tilting slightly left and right as the guard take a good look at William’s and David’s face for a good long period before uttering another word, “You both seem good. Off you go. Better to come back into the border before the sun sets. We would not care more than to send out troops to search for you while risking our lives to the Tynes, you hear me?!”

“Sure thing, sir. We are not prepared to be Tynish delicacy despite our young and tender meat.” David said as he walks pass the guard post.

After an hour of venturing into the beyond, David and William now find themselves far away from home and deep into the Tyne controlled jungle maze.

“It is important that we do not get separated from one another.” William said as he looks around with a worried expression. “Being separated is one thing, we better keep it quiet as well.” William continued.

“I know. It’s best if you could be the one to stop making all these unnecessary noises yourself. Tynes have pretty good ears ya’ know?” David replied in a soft tone which is almost like a whisper.

“Alright… I apologize. It’s just hard to keep my voice down with my heart jumping like crazy.” William said as he tried to calm himself down. Despite William’s big physique and solid look, he had never been happy with leaving his comfort zone. Venturing so far out of Dunningtown could possibly be one of his greatest challenge yet.

“Look! There is a track ahead of us. It certainly don’t look like footprints of those of our kind. It’s also too small to be that of a Tyne’s. Wait,… there are two of them!” David exclaimed as he slowly examine the soil beneath him.

“What you mean by two? Most of us have two legs, no? Of course there would be more than one footprint if anyone or anything that could have passed here.” William replied sarcastically.

“No, Will… there seems like there are two of who-knows-what had passed through here. These are definitely not of any animals that we know of, or belong to any Tynes. There are rather smaller than ours and look like these creatures are rather careful with their steps up to this part of course.”

“Alright, so what’s the conclusion?” William said as he looked up on David’s face blankly.

“I think you may have been right, Will. This could be the footprints of Margos.” David replied with a look of certainty.


The Compatriots (Episode 1)

David woke up in a sudden, and felt the wetness on his arms. It felt as if droplets of water had been dripping upon his slim right arm for the whole period of his slumber. As he look up, he could see no more than what he could hold within his reach. It was dark and the little glimpse of light is insufficient to help him make up what is going on in such a blurry situation from which he had not fully awaken from.

As soon as he came to wake, he could finally adjust his eyes to his surroundings. He could now see that droplets of water are coming in from the roof. David spent the whole night in his room, on his bed. Considering that he had been through a long day, it is no surprise for him to doze off as soon as he hit the bed. As a labour man, there is no less or no more he could do in order to survive on his already pitiful meals through a day. Soon after he realise what caused the droplets of water, he thought to himself, “Not again, another leak in the roof. Looks like I have to patch it up again tomorrow, as usual.”

David is no ordinary boy. Being just 17 years old, he had never seen his parents nor had he known he had either. Rumours have it, he was found in a jungle by a woodcutter who later sent him to the pastor of the village. Due to the shortage in funds, the village’s pastor had no more than a penny to spare to raise the mysterious orphan. At the age of 5, he was later assigned to Dam Worthington, a tradesman who was in dire need of more helping hands to run his errands.

Because of David’s young age, Mr. Worthington can only assign David to help him in collecting Fisher seeds which Worthington spent most of his lifetime planting and making a living off. A Fisher tree is as tall as 15 men stacked up vertically. With banana-like leaves and an odd shade of blue through its branch, the Fisher tree is certainly the only way the villagers of Dunningtown know of making a living with. Due to the height of the Fisher tree, David was only assigned to collect the seeds, as the labour men of Mr. Worthington pluck them from its upper region and drop them to the ground. Mr. Worthington owns almost half of Dunningtown with the help of the earnings from Fisher seeds.

Fisher seeds are the best seeds for the royalties in the castle to snack on. It is regarded as a luxury food and whoever plants them would surely find no problem in making a living.

David had always took the liking of Mr. Worthington. He had always been seen like a son to him. Due to Worthington’s infertility, he never had the capability to impregnate his wife. For a couple that is reaching their 60’s, it is certain that the Worthington’s no longer put their hopes on bearing a child. Although David was never officially adopted by the Worthington’s, it certainly seems like they are treating him as one as he grew older. However, David never really had the opportunity to live luxuriously like how his supposedly adopted parents do. He never really wanted any of those as he knew the workers of the Fisher farm would not be fond of it. Hence, David lives in a small shack house just like all the other Worthington’s labour men.

As the rainy night passed, David soon woke up to a sunny day. Hearing the birds chirping, he knew instantly that his life is about to go dull again as he put his physical self to be ready for the day’s grinding and awfully routine chores. It had been 12 years since he took up the job at the farm and had since learned a thing or two. Since he is older now, he is more frequently assigned to climb Fisher trees to retrieve their precious seeds. Uniquely, David is one of the fastest climber within the farm. There is that one thing about him that made him specially more talented in climbing than the rest.

Instructed by the senior labour man of the farm, David quickly climbed up a Fisher tree that was further to the left of the farm. As it is mid September, all the seeds in the righter region had been cleared from the previous harvesting. When David reached the top of the tree, he quickly dislodge the seeds from its branches.

“David! What’s taking you so long?!” cried William as he was standing underneath the tree awaiting David to drop the seeds. “Be patient will you? These trees are certainly taller than those of the righter region. Don’t you know that the soils in this region is filled with Ugu worms. For that’s the reason that these grow that much taller.”

“Yeah, yeah… again with your theories of soils and trees. C’mon and speed it up will ya?”. While William is spending his time whining, Fisher seeds were regularly dropping down on him. However, William is spending his attention else where as his complaints stop to a halt. Being curious at the sudden silence, David looked down and saw William just standing there like a log. “Hey, William! What you lookin’ at? Aren’t you the one being impatient a moment back?”. During that moment, William did not heed to David’s sarcastic comments.

After a while, long enough to spark the uncomfortable feeling within David, he climbed down the tree as fast as he could to check up on William. “What is it Will? Whatchu’ looking at? Why aren’t you collecting these seeds? Mr. Worthington won’t be happy if he knew he hired a log instead of a strong man for his labour.”

“Look over there, David.” William replied hastily as he rapidly taps on David’s shoulders while he was bending down picking up the seeds on his own. “What is it, Will? I got no time for games.” David replied while still focusing on his task at hand.

“I’m not joking, Dave… look at that short figure over there. It sure looks like a Morgo, but how would a Morgo travel this far south to this region?”

“Morgo you say?” David finally gave in and straightens his back to look up at what William was trying to tell him about. “Well, it could be just a little child. How would you be so able to tell that figure in the distant is a Morgo?” David added.

“Why would a little child be hanging on a Fisher tree and looking like he or she is spying on the villagers, you stupid?!” William speak up louder as he was trying to get it into the thick skull of David that what he saw was nothing ordinary.

As David tried to squint his eyes to look into a distant to make up what the short figure is, “Well, you’re right, Will. That certainly look suspicious.”

“Should we report back to the Old Man Worthington?” William suggested as he look at David with a sense of excitement while more taken over with curiosity. “I don’t think so. Let’s be sure of what we lookin’ at before we tell the Old Man. We wouldn’t want to scare the whole village for what could turn out to be nothing. Besides, Morgos don’t come here no more, Will. Morgos had not since step on this Southern Lands since the great war. If a Morgo is to be here, it would mean that they are going against the treaty.” said David as he was going on and on with his bizarre historical knowledge which William had no clue about.

“All I know is, if Morgos are here, we shouldn’t be this calm. You know what happened the last time Morgos were here, don’t you Dave?” William interrupted.

Quote of the Day: Sharing is Sacrificing

Sharing is not for the naive. If you wish to still have the same portion you had after you share, you are wrong. A portion of something shared will be divided equally, thus decrease in quantity or value the more divided it is. Prepare to lose when you share. At the end, all you can enjoy is the happiness of others and know that everyone deserves your share. If you wish to share, make them count. Otherwise, never reveal your portion. – Dwayne C. Fischer

The Delusion of Numbers and Time

Those who have watched the movie, Lucy should have seen the bigger picture of the capabilities of human if we could access more than 10% of the brain. However, the ending must have been the climax of the movie as that’s when Lucy could finally achieved 100% of her brain.

What amazed most who watched the movie must have been the part where Lucy describes the delusion of numbers and how it was invented by us just to simplify the complexity of existence and also the part where she could manipulate time. Now listen to this idea concept that might make sense to you and persuade you to believe more of such a possibility.

The Delusion of Numbers

Since we were young, we were taught with ways to count. We solve harder mathematical problems as we grow older in hopes that our knowledge could help bring mankind forward. What if mathematics is a lie? 

Let’s take the simplest example. We all know that 1+1=2. Right? Now, so is 3-1 and 4-2. Both of these equations also equates to 2. Still don’t get the picture? How about this, 4(2)+(-9)+3 also equals to 2. No matter how many numbers or how complex the equation is evolved, as long as you possess all possible mathematical knowledge you could equate it to 2 by modifying it. What does this tell us? 

There is no definition to numbers. All these definitions comes from us. If we let the 6 billion population in the world to come out with the equation to obtain the number 2 without duplicating answers, we will get 6 billion different equations. If we do that to a population beyond 6 billion, we will get even more different equations. This goes on and on until we reach infinity.


Now that is a word worth discussing about. We use that term whenever we try to measure something that is infinite. Different people would see infinity differently. Some would say it is a very large number, some would say it goes on and on forever.

However, the real reason we have infinity is because there is no end to numbers. If there is no end to something, there would not have been a starting point. So if such, then there is no existent to that particular something. Infinity is just a word we rather use than the word undefined.

The Delusion of Time

Time is an entity we created just to measure the impossible. Just like why we created numbers. However with regards to time, you think you know a lot, but you don’t.

Many of those who are interested in Science or Physics would have heard of the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. In simple english, that theory simply explains in context of time that, a period of 5 minutes for example, could span out differently to different individuals. 

Was there a time when you took a 30 minutes nap, but you could create a dream with a span longer than that? Or you simply dozed off for 5 minutes or less, yet able to get a dream which have you woke up and thought you slept for an entire hour. Yet within all these dreams, things seems to move at the usual speed. But why did you used less time for all of that to happen?

The ticking clock you see on your wall, does not represent time. It is a delusion that human created so we often runs around the clock. We chase time, yet there is no such a thing to chase. When you dream, you created time for yourself. You took the 30 minutes or 5 minutes you had and prolonged it to your liking. In your perspective alone, you had spent that period of time for so long as you have wished.

So if we were able to do that subconsciously, imagine doing it consciously. 

Our Limitations

Perhaps, we limit ourselves to things that we know, and thus we created these numbers and concept of time to simplify what we don’t yet know or understand. This could be a law that governs us, or a limitation that restricts us. Whatever it is, let’s never see time and numbers the same as we always had. Always remember, these are all our creations, that are not much different from our figment of imagination.

Assault on Hummanity

Image courtesy of Matt Hamilton, author of 'Gaza Strip'

Image courtesy of Matt Hamilton, author of ‘Gaza Strip’

When you walk into a hospital, what do you expect to see? From what you see, what do you feel? Plenty times we are struck with incidents where we are forced to visit the ones we care for in a hospice. However, there are also times when we are there to witness the birth of a new life. We fill ourselves with joy, sadness, and grief when we take a visit to the ward.

Aside from your love ones, try to take a trip to that place that many fear as time catches up. Observe with your heart, the sufferings of any random strangers you witness. Likewise, observe also those with celebratory mood. Now that you took a trip to ‘feel-land’, did you hear a little voice of you trying to explain to yourself what you witnessed, and ways to comprehend to such a view?

That is your conscience. Know it, recognize it, befriend it. It is what that defines your humanity.

Now that you know what defines your humanity, observe beyond the hospitals, the wards, the nursery, and the sick beds. Shift your attention instead to the world atlas. Wonder why do we constantly check on the world map when we have studied so hard for our geography examinations, and yet still not able to tell if a certain country exists or still exists? – or why is it unable for you to tell exactly if which nation runs a specific territory when you just saw it last year? – Because empires and nations alike, they rise, and they fall.

This process of creation and destruction is not, however, any tender compared to mother nature. This process, comes with the expense of war.

War that many fought for freedom, for their rights, for revolutions that they believe is for a greater good. These wars, causes lives.

Now, let’s go back to the part where you were standing – the hospital. As you see these strangers suffering in one corner, and at the other corner, strangers celebrating the gift of life, Find a mirror, and look into it. What you realize now is you wearing the uniform you often find pride in. The uniform tailor-made in honor for you as you pay your greatest service for your country. In your hands, a nice manufactured carbine rifle. A state of the art weapon, at your disposal. Given to you to fend your nation off threats.

Now, there’s a catch. All the ones you see in the hospital, are your enemies. Orders were, for you to eliminate all possible threats. Possible threat from a sick patient now that may rise against your country one day, or a little innocent infant that may grow up to be an enemy soldier. All these possibilities, are however a fear. A fear based on the cowboy law of, ‘if you do not kill, you will be killed’.

Ask your conscience now. Is it still the same as before? Untainted, humanely normal and full of compassion? Many have decided to carry on their duties, which may sound prideful and patriotic. But was it worthwhile?

Rays of Feat

We are all born equal. At least, that is what they said.

Plant a tree in a forest and now you feel achieved giving back to nature.

Yet, has it crossed your mind that now it has to compete?

Snatched off opportunities to grasp for air, yet it struggles to live.

Maybe every tree in the forest endured the same, I thought.

Yet, I will rise. Rise to the top and feel the rays of feat.

If the sun shines so brightly, why would not I deserve its glory?

Many will come, to attain pieces of my bark and to bring me down.

They need pieces of me to build structures that lift them, you see?

They can come with all their might, I will stand strong.

If dams built by the body of my kin could withhold so much,

reckon my might, while I stood against storm.

I will grow so strong that men make swords out of wood instead.

Then came the winds. Winds of words and tales.

Not all trunks are the same, they said.

Past the season, much wilted, but some triumph.

Yes, it is true that not all trunks are the same.

I may not have much of a trunk, but I certainly have spunk.

In the end, when spring comes, I would have outgrew the rest.

My flowers will bloom, my leaves will shadow the ground.

People will stand and admire my greatness.

I will be there one day, to grow so strong and high, and to feel the rays of feat.