Quote of the Day: Sharing is Sacrificing

Sharing is not for the naive. If you wish to still have the same portion you had after you share, you are wrong. A portion of something shared will be divided equally, thus decrease in quantity or value the more divided it is. Prepare to lose when you share. At the end, all you can enjoy is the happiness of others and know that everyone deserves your share. If you wish to share, make them count. Otherwise, never reveal your portion. – Dwayne C. Fischer


The Delusion of Numbers and Time

Those who have watched the movie, Lucy should have seen the bigger picture of the capabilities of human if we could access more than 10% of the brain. However, the ending must have been the climax of the movie as that’s when Lucy could finally achieved 100% of her brain.

What amazed most who watched the movie must have been the part where Lucy describes the delusion of numbers and how it was invented by us just to simplify the complexity of existence and also the part where she could manipulate time. Now listen to this idea concept that might make sense to you and persuade you to believe more of such a possibility.

The Delusion of Numbers

Since we were young, we were taught with ways to count. We solve harder mathematical problems as we grow older in hopes that our knowledge could help bring mankind forward. What if mathematics is a lie? 

Let’s take the simplest example. We all know that 1+1=2. Right? Now, so is 3-1 and 4-2. Both of these equations also equates to 2. Still don’t get the picture? How about this, 4(2)+(-9)+3 also equals to 2. No matter how many numbers or how complex the equation is evolved, as long as you possess all possible mathematical knowledge you could equate it to 2 by modifying it. What does this tell us? 

There is no definition to numbers. All these definitions comes from us. If we let the 6 billion population in the world to come out with the equation to obtain the number 2 without duplicating answers, we will get 6 billion different equations. If we do that to a population beyond 6 billion, we will get even more different equations. This goes on and on until we reach infinity.


Now that is a word worth discussing about. We use that term whenever we try to measure something that is infinite. Different people would see infinity differently. Some would say it is a very large number, some would say it goes on and on forever.

However, the real reason we have infinity is because there is no end to numbers. If there is no end to something, there would not have been a starting point. So if such, then there is no existent to that particular something. Infinity is just a word we rather use than the word undefined.

The Delusion of Time

Time is an entity we created just to measure the impossible. Just like why we created numbers. However with regards to time, you think you know a lot, but you don’t.

Many of those who are interested in Science or Physics would have heard of the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. In simple english, that theory simply explains in context of time that, a period of 5 minutes for example, could span out differently to different individuals. 

Was there a time when you took a 30 minutes nap, but you could create a dream with a span longer than that? Or you simply dozed off for 5 minutes or less, yet able to get a dream which have you woke up and thought you slept for an entire hour. Yet within all these dreams, things seems to move at the usual speed. But why did you used less time for all of that to happen?

The ticking clock you see on your wall, does not represent time. It is a delusion that human created so we often runs around the clock. We chase time, yet there is no such a thing to chase. When you dream, you created time for yourself. You took the 30 minutes or 5 minutes you had and prolonged it to your liking. In your perspective alone, you had spent that period of time for so long as you have wished.

So if we were able to do that subconsciously, imagine doing it consciously. 

Our Limitations

Perhaps, we limit ourselves to things that we know, and thus we created these numbers and concept of time to simplify what we don’t yet know or understand. This could be a law that governs us, or a limitation that restricts us. Whatever it is, let’s never see time and numbers the same as we always had. Always remember, these are all our creations, that are not much different from our figment of imagination.

Assault on Hummanity

Image courtesy of Matt Hamilton, author of 'Gaza Strip'

Image courtesy of Matt Hamilton, author of ‘Gaza Strip’

When you walk into a hospital, what do you expect to see? From what you see, what do you feel? Plenty times we are struck with incidents where we are forced to visit the ones we care for in a hospice. However, there are also times when we are there to witness the birth of a new life. We fill ourselves with joy, sadness, and grief when we take a visit to the ward.

Aside from your love ones, try to take a trip to that place that many fear as time catches up. Observe with your heart, the sufferings of any random strangers you witness. Likewise, observe also those with celebratory mood. Now that you took a trip to ‘feel-land’, did you hear a little voice of you trying to explain to yourself what you witnessed, and ways to comprehend to such a view?

That is your conscience. Know it, recognize it, befriend it. It is what that defines your humanity.

Now that you know what defines your humanity, observe beyond the hospitals, the wards, the nursery, and the sick beds. Shift your attention instead to the world atlas. Wonder why do we constantly check on the world map when we have studied so hard for our geography examinations, and yet still not able to tell if a certain country exists or still exists? – or why is it unable for you to tell exactly if which nation runs a specific territory when you just saw it last year? – Because empires and nations alike, they rise, and they fall.

This process of creation and destruction is not, however, any tender compared to mother nature. This process, comes with the expense of war.

War that many fought for freedom, for their rights, for revolutions that they believe is for a greater good. These wars, causes lives.

Now, let’s go back to the part where you were standing – the hospital. As you see these strangers suffering in one corner, and at the other corner, strangers celebrating the gift of life, Find a mirror, and look into it. What you realize now is you wearing the uniform you often find pride in. The uniform tailor-made in honor for you as you pay your greatest service for your country. In your hands, a nice manufactured carbine rifle. A state of the art weapon, at your disposal. Given to you to fend your nation off threats.

Now, there’s a catch. All the ones you see in the hospital, are your enemies. Orders were, for you to eliminate all possible threats. Possible threat from a sick patient now that may rise against your country one day, or a little innocent infant that may grow up to be an enemy soldier. All these possibilities, are however a fear. A fear based on the cowboy law of, ‘if you do not kill, you will be killed’.

Ask your conscience now. Is it still the same as before? Untainted, humanely normal and full of compassion? Many have decided to carry on their duties, which may sound prideful and patriotic. But was it worthwhile?

Rays of Feat

We are all born equal. At least, that is what they said.

Plant a tree in a forest and now you feel achieved giving back to nature.

Yet, has it crossed your mind that now it has to compete?

Snatched off opportunities to grasp for air, yet it struggles to live.

Maybe every tree in the forest endured the same, I thought.

Yet, I will rise. Rise to the top and feel the rays of feat.

If the sun shines so brightly, why would not I deserve its glory?

Many will come, to attain pieces of my bark and to bring me down.

They need pieces of me to build structures that lift them, you see?

They can come with all their might, I will stand strong.

If dams built by the body of my kin could withhold so much,

reckon my might, while I stood against storm.

I will grow so strong that men make swords out of wood instead.

Then came the winds. Winds of words and tales.

Not all trunks are the same, they said.

Past the season, much wilted, but some triumph.

Yes, it is true that not all trunks are the same.

I may not have much of a trunk, but I certainly have spunk.

In the end, when spring comes, I would have outgrew the rest.

My flowers will bloom, my leaves will shadow the ground.

People will stand and admire my greatness.

I will be there one day, to grow so strong and high, and to feel the rays of feat.

Forgetting Christmas

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Every 25th of the twelfth month, we celebrate the birth of a magnificent figure who once walked the earth. ‘Was he divine, or a mere man?’, many debated. No matter the signs he bore, or represented, we all knew he was the reason many have found faith. He had walked the earth for everyone, yet not everyone had walked the earth for Him. However the differences, He preached peace.


Despite such a fact many Christians are fed with since birth, not many remember. Younger generations are more fascinated with the idea of ‘Santa Clause’. Advertising agents perhaps, profit per se on it. For those who be reminded with St. Nicholas, he or she be blessed. Yet even so, it is easy to encounter one who has no thought of such a figure, instead a round bellied red coated old man, who descends upon chimneys, and rob many off their cookies and glasses of milk.


Acceded it be a good childhood story, many still forget the purpose of such a jolly occasion. If seen through the window of a 21st century, all you could see is many who prefer distance from families, sharing, and sacrifices.


Christmas is perhaps summarized best with a single word, ‘love’. Love, be it to family or friends, or even strangers that we have every rights to ignore, yet chose not to. Withal, as effortful as can be, it is of hardship to find such a scene amongst the ones who acknowledge Christmas. Be it absorbed by time through shifts of eras, it is significant for one to understand its celebration.


We must never forget Christmas.


Quote of the Day

Everyone has come a long way, but one should never forget where he comes from. Success now is important, but the road leading to it is the lesson. After all, life is about learning from lessons.

by Dwayne C. Fischer

Buddhism Today: Listen, but not Wavered

English: Wind Beaten Tree, near to Palnackie, ...

English: Wind Beaten Tree, near to Palnackie, Dumfries And Galloway, Great Britain. An old gnarled tree bent by the strong winds blown in from the coast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listening, is perhaps the most important and efficient method to learn. Take for example, the sounds of the wind let us know the weather, and gives us the idea to judge the weather, yet the winds do not learn anything from us. This can be better portrayed in a classroom, where a silent and diligent boy will learn more than that of a opposite.

However, how do we listen? We all know that, what we see and listen may not be the truth, then how is this the best way to learn? When we listen, what we get may not be the truth, but it gives us an entity to understand. We can listen to something that is untrue, yet learn the fact that there is the existence of such an idea, and we learn the lesson from it.

Nevertheless, everything exists with the opposite. Of course there is a setback. When we listen attentively, we tend to lean towards accepting, and not understanding. Acceptance is good, however acceptance without full understanding is dangerous. This way, our mind is open to pollution without our control.

Therefore, it is important that we listen, yet not wavered. Be like the trees. Standing still, blown by winds. Leaves may drop, branches may bend, yet as firm as it stood, it will not move. What the trees get, are lessons, left behind by winds.

When we listen, and see, we open our hearts, ears, and our eyes. Bear in mind that, our minds stay still. Just like the trees, they may lose their branches and leaves, but as long as they are alive and standing, they will not be moved. We can feel with our hearts, hear and see untrue or true things with our ears and eyes, yet our minds stay still. We accept through understanding, and not just acceptance alone, bending to any entities set out to bend us.

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