Society: How it destroys itself


Everyone would often look up to an individual who had done something inspirational or making sacrifices beyond anyone’s expectations. Great and inspirational heroes are what drove societies to use such qualities to shape fundamental norms. But have we asked ourselves, how are we, as members of the society compare ourselves to the norms we configured or better yet, encourage such an ambience to those who is promising enough? Truth be told, society had never admired such traits, instead being fearful of it.

However, such negativity does not address to each and every individuals of a society, but to the majorities; whereby majorities are commonly that shape the society’s norms.

Society taught us that human beings are designed to learn and progress. Progressions and improvements would have not been defined if there was not the existence of errors, mistakes, shameful doings, and pretty abundance of negative acts. Nevertheless, society never did and will accept such occurrence gracefully. Judgments had further distorted the probability of any efficient improvements and progressions to take place.  With such an instance, is how society did not and has not been encouraging towards what is said as a more supreme individualistic.

Without the consideration to offer second chances, society tends to label their members. When one fails to obey by society’s norms, he or she is labeled and forever so. No matter what follows on, neither any acts from such a person will ever be recognized as decent. Society itself is too hypocrite, acting and stating contradictory. The concept of progression itself is taught but not applied. No greatness is born; it is preserved, learned and encouraged. If it is not so, society will never either progress or learn and there will not be anyone to blame.

Despite, one could also say that the imitable factor to such degradation of society is in fact, discrimination.

‘A bright man, sitting by the side of a beggar as seen, who he had cared, provided, sheltered and befriended, will once be assumed of being similarly ‘close to the ground’. Yet no one had ever wondered or even bothers to understand what this bright man has sacrificed and what true courteousness he had shown. Nobody cares. Why would they? ‘

Judgments and discrimination has so much deluded the society’s vision. Society taught us all human shall be equal, yet out casting those least favourable without a sense to observe at true courtesy within and only glance through what is on the surface.

In another perspective, it could be described that, such undertakings of harsh judgments could be caused by jealousy. Jealousy of how bright a man could shine, brighter than everyone in the whole city, everyone who mostly put on a mask, to pretend and act to be as courteous, yet insincere. We as members of the society must understand that we ourselves allow such unfavourable instances to occur. We are the ones who judge qualities by the surface, therefore we are the ones who encourage insincerity, pretentious behaviours and discourage purity. Society is now a stage for best actors and actresses.

Likewise, morality had become an act to a show, instead of an action of pure, sincere courtesy. People become ‘actors’; society’s norms become ‘scripts to an act’; members of society become ‘directors’.

‘When a man dares enough to step up, show true morality without being pretentious, he is judged, torn, pressured, and discriminated, and if he is valour enough to persevere through all that, then will he stand as a man, inspired and respected. Buy why? Why must one go through so much just to be courteous? Why the members of society must reject his values which in every ways up to the standards of the norms configured?’  Is the society really so fearful and insecure of such perfection?

Society degradation is not caused by any foreign external factor, but domestically damaging and self-destructive. And at the same time, we pretend that it is acceptable. Convincing ourselves, human beings are progressing healthily as we fear to look at what we have become. When we think of causes of why the world is getting harder to reside on, all of us are reluctantly to think of our self-unsuitability. We did not let our morality, decent behaviours and courtesy lead us. Instead, we followed on the trails and norms set, and fake our way down to try obeying all such that we forgot we had severely conveyed all this positive norms into negative ones as we struggle. How will we be better, when we are not brave enough to be better; or better yet allow others to be?


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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