“Education” that has no Educational Values? What?

Education, is perhaps the most crucial concept to almost every human. Where would one go, or how would one progress without education? But how is modern education efficient enough for human endeavours?

When we send our children to their schools, did we ever ask ourselves, regarding what quality of education our children had been receiving? Some may see quality, in terms of great discipline and excellent grades. But that was not the point of education.

We all understand that, human will only progress if we learn efficiently. It is also inevitable, that the best way to learn and progress is from failures. But have our modern education system been encouraging it? Certainly not.

The purpose of education, is to produce outcomes from decent to excellent youngsters. However, the society believes that we should train these youngsters to be robots instead. Feeding them with all the so called ‘knowledge’ that is 80% unused when they grow up.

Prioritization of Morality and Religion

If kids are expected to grow up being civilized citizens, why not prioritize in morality and religion subjects instead of having them as sub-subjects. This ensures youngsters to understand the importance of morality and religion is beyond one’s achievements.

Provide chances and room for failure

When children are not rewarded for failing, instead the opposite, what makes you think that they will ever try to venture outside their comfort zones? What geniuses have we known that are ordinary compared to the rest? None. If we want to encourage progression and learning, let them have a try. Give them space. Never ever shut them down just because they failed.

The ability to choose

Children are always forced to learn what they dislike. Everyone is born different and unique. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Let them choose what they want to learn and become at young age. Yes, they may still be too young to know what is best for them. If it does not suit them, let them re-choose. Give them time to choose and fail and re-choose. Some may, at this point think that such a procedure is a waste of time. But, what happened to education is forever? We will never cease to seek for knowledge until the day we pass on. There is no difference between a 15 years old and a 45 years old genius. They are both still geniuses. Better late than never.

Besides, for one to be good at what he or she does, is for him or her to like it. If children find no fun in education, certainly they will find no fun in learning. Let them understand that it is an adventure, to constantly seek out for themselves. Let them choose what they want to learn and only learn what they wish.

I believe a maths geek will certainly score in maths and not in literature or history or even languages. You can’t expect children to be born God-like or a Jack of all Trades. And there should not be any judgments to a person who can’t do well for what he dislikes.

Everyone is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Albert Einstein

I do not believe they will ever be any changes made regardless of how much people protest or agree towards our modern education system. Or at least, not now.

If we want the humans to be a more progressive race, start by allowing them to progress.

After all, at the end of the day, when people ask what do we really gain from schools and colleges, the answer would be the skills to pass an examination and of course, how to live with constant judgments.


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

2 responses to ““Education” that has no Educational Values? What?”

  1. mystudentstruggles says :

    Excellent post and I love the Einstein quote 😀
    Education doesn’t teach common sense or how to survive in the real world. In lots of cases it’s almost useless 🙂

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