Can We Still Not Sin, Living With Society?

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Compared to the 16th and 17th century, our society’s norms had gone through big changes. Back then, our concept of morality was much more abundance compared to now (it was never enough anyway).

Can we live by a day, not using a foul word or swearing? No. It has become a norm for nasty words to be spoken. Foul words are now, languages in their tongue. Meaning that, the word F*** is now considered decent to be included in dictionaries. If we were to use such a word back then, how would the society look at us? In most religions, I believe, is against the usage of least decent words. How have we performed so far? Tremendously awful.

It is though I might not need to censor the word. How would it offend anyone?

If you are a Buddhist, it is taught that, we must always speak decently – only speak if you have something nice to say. But is the word F*** decent?

Though our society has changed, meaning to say, such a word may not be as hurtful or as taboo as before, does it removes itself from the “sin list”? Could we, if we had the chance, to ask Buddha, Jesus or any other from other religions, if we could simple say F***, but not literally mean it, and to be counted as decent, provided that the society we live in could accept such a word gently?

If a word we spoke does not hurt anyone, how could it be a foul word, right? Well, maybe some of us who agree are right.

But, what about our other least decent sides? Let us see an example. If David is to mix around with his bunch of friends who seriously think fat people are useless, will it hurt if he too, thinks the same? Well, you might think David would not differ himself from the rest of the jerks, but we cannot deny the fact that the majority thinks so. So who are we to blame David? It has already been stereotyped that fat people are not favoured, yet we tend to say those who think so are not considerable?

In this case, have not we discriminated? Yet in all teachings of morality and religion discourage us to do so. Then, if we were to cope along with the society could we have done wrong?

Recently, I have read a book regarding Buddhism. It is said that, to be a good lay Buddhist, is to practise all the teachings of Buddha, and at the same time cope well with the society. I was there thinking, there is no way we could successfully pull this through. It is either we lean towards religion, or coping with society.

If you were to distant yourself from what everyone else is doing, you are obviously an anti-social, no matter how religious and how wrong you think you would be if you were to participate yourself into whatever that is going on.

The society is the majority. Society’s degradation is due to the degradation of the majority. Due to the fact that most people are being “religious” yet at the same time, please everyone in the society, gave birth to the term, not many of us know, that is ‘Religion today, is all but morality’. People who are involved in such an act, take religion as a title, not for the sake of the teachings.

Most religions oppose discrimination, yet as members of the society, we discriminated. How much have we truly sinned and wronged?

We do not simply change the rules of acceptance in religions just to cope with our living standards. We, ourselves must change to cope with all the teachings in religions. There are many more acts besides discrimination that is further deteriorating our quality of norms.

The individualistic quality is now judged by how well one can cope with society, not concepts or morality or religion.

And the question arises, can we still not wrong or sin, while living with the society?


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Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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