The Recipe For A Less Burdening Life

Had you been burdened by your daily workloads, studies, or responsibilities? Living life is like facing a challenge everyday. Everyone knows that and there is no reason for another article to stress on that. So, how to have a less burdening life? Here is how…

1. Do not take up extra weight
What do I mean here by extra weight? Life is already burdening enough, it is time to ditch what is unnecessary to free up some space. First, you must understand that, such weights are what you put on yourself. You always have the choice to not carry them, therefore definitely never blame others for the weight you had yourself to carry. Extra weights are simply your negative side.

Being critical.
Stop being critical. As you criticize, you unknowingly add expectations to you and everyone/everything else around you. Accepting is a much easier task to be done.

Refusal to offer help.
At times, you would feel like your life is burdening enough and it is completely idiotic to carry others’ burdens as well. Bear in mind, the more people you helped, the better you are in solving problems, or even better, you may be rewarded with numerous helping hands.

Tendency to take out/overthrow.
There are also times when you feel like it would be easier in life if you just take out all of the competitors or tackling your issues once and for all. The route to achieve such is however shorter, but undeniably steeper.

2. Trying too hard
Not in every situation, that the law of “Effort + Time = Success” applies efficiently. If you try too hard to achieve something without taking the time to think of the reason and to understand what you have to do, you’re just making your aims as hard to achieve as the efforts you put in.

3. You did it yourself
It is important for us to know our faults. Our mind is divided. In most religions, it is more familiarly known as the inner battle of good and evil. However, the concept is slightly different in reality. Our mind is divided by a thin line between realization and ignorance. By default, we are created balanced. As we tend to deny that most of the problems we faced are caused by what we have done, we slowly conclude that all these are the faults of others, luck, or fate. None of these could force you to what you do not wish to if you really did not have the intentions to do so. When we decided to give in to such thoughts, our region of ignorance is increased. This causes us to look away from the source of problems and provide ourselves with false assumptions of solutions, thus never solving them. When this problems are unsolved and stacked up, it would one day topple us with its intense weight.

4. Ways to solve
Lastly, it is our weakness when it comes to finding a solution for our problems. But most of the time, we act upon our instincts. In most cases, we already know what we should do but we tend to not do it because we lack in the correct mindset to initiate. Always trust your logical thoughts more than the rest. When your mind has the solution, other parts of your inner self may discourage you to do so because they think that it is more burdening than it already is. Yes, solutions are often what you need to sacrifice to achieve. But do you prefer to carry a 50kg boulder for a short period, or carry a 10kg stone for the rest of your life? Do the maths and trust your logical thinking.

All in all, only we ourselves can solve our problems. We can never provide the recipe and hoping for a chef to come out with something exactly to your preference. When you want something to be done according to what you prefer, get into action yourself. Most importantly, do not in any circumstances, unknowingly made your life more burdening than it already is.


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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