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Guide to Improvement: Overcome

I’ve often meet people who find it hard to blend in with people around them or to find courage to actually stand and fight for what they want. They are either too shy or suffering from great insufficient of self-esteem. The fact is, this is normal. In fact, I have experienced through it. How to actually improve yourself? The keyword here is, “Overcome“.

  1. Be better than you were the day before, the next day. Always aim to improve in at least 1 aspect of your qualities on the next day. If you failed to do so, do not despair. The bright side of it is that, at least that particular quality of yours did not grow backwards.
  2. Know the meaning of courage. In many times, you may choose to avoid a battle because you feel afraid. Know that, it is perfectly perfect to be a coward. In fact, the more cowardly you are, just proves your intelligence. Only an idiot would stand head to head with a threat he could not overturn. Courage is when you decide to overcome. When you believe you do something because you need to, not because you wish you could. If you need courage in anything that you may do, think of the reason why, and stand for the reason, not by your bravery. Use your courage.
  3. Get an Overcome Partner. If you are coincidentally a close friend to someone who has his/her self-esteem at a perfect level, this will work for you. Use him/her as your “aim-setter”. Whenever you wanted to try for something, ask them what would they do and take their considerations strongly. Of course, make sure that their rationality is in check. As long as their answers are logical, accept them. Tell yourself that, if they are confident enough to grab their chances, you could pull it off too.
  4. Know yourself. Many thought they knew themselves, when they actually don’t. What you think of yourself is not who you are, just mere lies you tell yourself to feel optimum. Never settle for the little self-discriminator inside you. Who you are is who you think you will, want, could and should be. If you want to be better, you are better. If you will, could and think you should, then you are that anyone you will, want, could and should be.
  5. Be yourself, like yourself. Once you have figured out who you are, be yourself even though you can’t please everyone. If you feel like you could be better after you are brought down in any ways, it just means that you want to be better, which in turn means that you can be better and you just realised that you could and you are better than who you are now.
  6. Enough is abundance. When you try to improve, enough is the key. Never go limitless or you will cease to find the purpose in all this. Know when is enough so you do not lose yourself and finally end up being the society’s puppet. Once you find yourself and overcome your weak qualities to a satisfying level you know you deserve,  be satisfied.

Overcome, overcome, overcome. Lastly, always remember the keyword. You can never be yourself and get your confidence and self-esteem without overcoming your fears and any other factors. If you have the will, you can polish yourself to a shine you will never believe you will ever have.