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Do We Need Politicians?

Democracy. The word that is behind most world conflicts. The only way most believe to bring peace and freedom to a nation and possibly curb with all domestic conflicts. To a nation that is led by tyrants, democracy is something worth fighting and sacrificing for. But what about a country that has achieved democracy? How do we preserve democracy and would politicians be the ones who do it?

Who are these politicians we speak of? Politicians are just mere men, like you and me, hoping they could be selected and elected to lead a free nation. However, do we ever question how are these politicians be qualified enough to lead a nation of youngsters, good countrymen, brilliant scientists, senior citizens, families, and millions of innocent lives?

Because they are just mere men, they are open to corruption and temptation just like any man would be. By then, who would be there to stop them? Yes, many would think democracy is a foolproof concept that will not allow any of these circumstances to occur by giving the power to the people. Nonetheless, democracy only exist when the existing government of a free nation decides so. Unfortunately, governments of democratic countries are politicians we elected. So how sure are we that these politicians will hold on to their integrity?

The big question now is, do we need politicians? What is worse is the bringing up of politicians. Potential leaders are brought into the exposure of politics, taught to fish for votes, taught to act, taught to play the stage well, and taught to cheat. Will it end? Will our democracy stay strong? Or will democracy be that flaw that we cease to question as we have ran out of ideas to promote unity, freedom, and peace.