How Much You Have Grown

Waking up to a very unpleasant morning, you find yourself losing purpose in life. Obstacles once again hold you back from where you are supposed to head towards. You did good and you made excellent effort. Nothing else is left for you to bring in as the best had been done but the best of results that is deserved were not heading your way.

As this could be your thoughts in parts of your life, think of how much you have grown. From the day when you were a child to this day when you are grown not only physically, but mentally. Was not that an achievement?

If this story was to be told by me, it could have been different. I once did not do as good as I was supposed to, both socially and in achievement. The lack of achievements and the feeling of depleting self esteem, as I explained myself to others, who cared and those who do not. However I still manage to grow as time passes and learn as I go. My will to learn had gotten me far. I did not realise that until I look back, to the mileage I have travelled. It was far indeed from where I started. That is what that kept me moving, knowing I could walk this far and grow this much.

So why give up? When in doubt, look at how much you have grown. It was your greatest achievement. If you look ahead, you think you are still far from where you are headed, but if you look behind, you will notice you have walked for many miles and moved mountains bigger than previous ones as you went by.

Sometimes in life you have to look back. Not because you favour what is past, but reminiscing what you had done. To move forward is to recognize yourself for the things you have done. Sometimes in life, a little self-credit could make a difference.


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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