Fat People Are Lazy?

English: Beggar in Venis, May 2008

English: Beggar in Venis, May 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are living in a society where stereotypes will not extinct. Some may or may not agree to the statement that “Fat people are lazy”. However it is completely shallow to stereotype. Of course, there is no fault in being shallow and ignorant. Hence, we can do nothing to those who are shallow and ignorant and nor can we change their perspectives.

Some stereotypes are harsh, some are mild, and some are generally agreed by majority. No matter how it is, those who knew better to not stereotype should be thankful for they have been born with a wiser mind.

By personal experience, I have heard statements like, “Fat people are lazy.”, “Fat people are stupid.”, “Women can’t drive.”, and plenty more that may take forever for me to list. I was educated to not conclude a matter before it is a fact. The thing is, nobody can conclude something without first doing an overall overview.

How will you know if you have a tendency to stereotype? The moment when you realise you take your first impressions strongly, and may even consider it a factor during your conclusion making, you can consider yourself a stereotype person. A non-stereotype person would not include his or her first impressions in the decision of his or her conclusion.

For example, when you see a beggar begging for food, your first impressions would of course naturally be that this person is no more than a beggar and a burden to society. However, a wiser mind would consider the possibilities that he may be here for a reason, or that he may have problems that we may not know or understand.

Until you can proof your conclusion through a thorough survey or test, your conclusion is merely a hypothesis. A hypothesis will always be an assumption, regardless of its majority votes which will just proof that majority are well satisfied with just assumptions and not seek for truth and actual fact.

The stereotype “Fat people are lazy.”, are just merely a hypothesis similar to all the other stereotypes. There are of course people who are not fat that are lazier and in turn, fat people who work ten times harder than others. Regardless, stereotypes will not extinct.  We can only dwell in this society that we hope may improve.


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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