The Delusion of Numbers and Time

Those who have watched the movie, Lucy should have seen the bigger picture of the capabilities of human if we could access more than 10% of the brain. However, the ending must have been the climax of the movie as that’s when Lucy could finally achieved 100% of her brain.

What amazed most who watched the movie must have been the part where Lucy describes the delusion of numbers and how it was invented by us just to simplify the complexity of existence and also the part where she could manipulate time. Now listen to this idea concept that might make sense to you and persuade you to believe more of such a possibility.

The Delusion of Numbers

Since we were young, we were taught with ways to count. We solve harder mathematical problems as we grow older in hopes that our knowledge could help bring mankind forward. What if mathematics is a lie? 

Let’s take the simplest example. We all know that 1+1=2. Right? Now, so is 3-1 and 4-2. Both of these equations also equates to 2. Still don’t get the picture? How about this, 4(2)+(-9)+3 also equals to 2. No matter how many numbers or how complex the equation is evolved, as long as you possess all possible mathematical knowledge you could equate it to 2 by modifying it. What does this tell us? 

There is no definition to numbers. All these definitions comes from us. If we let the 6 billion population in the world to come out with the equation to obtain the number 2 without duplicating answers, we will get 6 billion different equations. If we do that to a population beyond 6 billion, we will get even more different equations. This goes on and on until we reach infinity.


Now that is a word worth discussing about. We use that term whenever we try to measure something that is infinite. Different people would see infinity differently. Some would say it is a very large number, some would say it goes on and on forever.

However, the real reason we have infinity is because there is no end to numbers. If there is no end to something, there would not have been a starting point. So if such, then there is no existent to that particular something. Infinity is just a word we rather use than the word undefined.

The Delusion of Time

Time is an entity we created just to measure the impossible. Just like why we created numbers. However with regards to time, you think you know a lot, but you don’t.

Many of those who are interested in Science or Physics would have heard of the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. In simple english, that theory simply explains in context of time that, a period of 5 minutes for example, could span out differently to different individuals. 

Was there a time when you took a 30 minutes nap, but you could create a dream with a span longer than that? Or you simply dozed off for 5 minutes or less, yet able to get a dream which have you woke up and thought you slept for an entire hour. Yet within all these dreams, things seems to move at the usual speed. But why did you used less time for all of that to happen?

The ticking clock you see on your wall, does not represent time. It is a delusion that human created so we often runs around the clock. We chase time, yet there is no such a thing to chase. When you dream, you created time for yourself. You took the 30 minutes or 5 minutes you had and prolonged it to your liking. In your perspective alone, you had spent that period of time for so long as you have wished.

So if we were able to do that subconsciously, imagine doing it consciously. 

Our Limitations

Perhaps, we limit ourselves to things that we know, and thus we created these numbers and concept of time to simplify what we don’t yet know or understand. This could be a law that governs us, or a limitation that restricts us. Whatever it is, let’s never see time and numbers the same as we always had. Always remember, these are all our creations, that are not much different from our figment of imagination.


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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