The Compatriots (Episode 1)

David woke up in a sudden, and felt the wetness on his arms. It felt as if droplets of water had been dripping upon his slim right arm for the whole period of his slumber. As he look up, he could see no more than what he could hold within his reach. It was dark and the little glimpse of light is insufficient to help him make up what is going on in such a blurry situation from which he had not fully awaken from.

As soon as he came to wake, he could finally adjust his eyes to his surroundings. He could now see that droplets of water are coming in from the roof. David spent the whole night in his room, on his bed. Considering that he had been through a long day, it is no surprise for him to doze off as soon as he hit the bed. As a labour man, there is no less or no more he could do in order to survive on his already pitiful meals through a day. Soon after he realise what caused the droplets of water, he thought to himself, “Not again, another leak in the roof. Looks like I have to patch it up again tomorrow, as usual.”

David is no ordinary boy. Being just 17 years old, he had never seen his parents nor had he known he had either. Rumours have it, he was found in a jungle by a woodcutter who later sent him to the pastor of the village. Due to the shortage in funds, the village’s pastor had no more than a penny to spare to raise the mysterious orphan. At the age of 5, he was later assigned to Dam Worthington, a tradesman who was in dire need of more helping hands to run his errands.

Because of David’s young age, Mr. Worthington can only assign David to help him in collecting Fisher seeds which Worthington spent most of his lifetime planting and making a living off. A Fisher tree is as tall as 15 men stacked up vertically. With banana-like leaves and an odd shade of blue through its branch, the Fisher tree is certainly the only way the villagers of Dunningtown know of making a living with. Due to the height of the Fisher tree, David was only assigned to collect the seeds, as the labour men of Mr. Worthington pluck them from its upper region and drop them to the ground. Mr. Worthington owns almost half of Dunningtown with the help of the earnings from Fisher seeds.

Fisher seeds are the best seeds for the royalties in the castle to snack on. It is regarded as a luxury food and whoever plants them would surely find no problem in making a living.

David had always took the liking of Mr. Worthington. He had always been seen like a son to him. Due to Worthington’s infertility, he never had the capability to impregnate his wife. For a couple that is reaching their 60’s, it is certain that the Worthington’s no longer put their hopes on bearing a child. Although David was never officially adopted by the Worthington’s, it certainly seems like they are treating him as one as he grew older. However, David never really had the opportunity to live luxuriously like how his supposedly adopted parents do. He never really wanted any of those as he knew the workers of the Fisher farm would not be fond of it. Hence, David lives in a small shack house just like all the other Worthington’s labour men.

As the rainy night passed, David soon woke up to a sunny day. Hearing the birds chirping, he knew instantly that his life is about to go dull again as he put his physical self to be ready for the day’s grinding and awfully routine chores. It had been 12 years since he took up the job at the farm and had since learned a thing or two. Since he is older now, he is more frequently assigned to climb Fisher trees to retrieve their precious seeds. Uniquely, David is one of the fastest climber within the farm. There is that one thing about him that made him specially more talented in climbing than the rest.

Instructed by the senior labour man of the farm, David quickly climbed up a Fisher tree that was further to the left of the farm. As it is mid September, all the seeds in the righter region had been cleared from the previous harvesting. When David reached the top of the tree, he quickly dislodge the seeds from its branches.

“David! What’s taking you so long?!” cried William as he was standing underneath the tree awaiting David to drop the seeds. “Be patient will you? These trees are certainly taller than those of the righter region. Don’t you know that the soils in this region is filled with Ugu worms. For that’s the reason that these grow that much taller.”

“Yeah, yeah… again with your theories of soils and trees. C’mon and speed it up will ya?”. While William is spending his time whining, Fisher seeds were regularly dropping down on him. However, William is spending his attention else where as his complaints stop to a halt. Being curious at the sudden silence, David looked down and saw William just standing there like a log. “Hey, William! What you lookin’ at? Aren’t you the one being impatient a moment back?”. During that moment, William did not heed to David’s sarcastic comments.

After a while, long enough to spark the uncomfortable feeling within David, he climbed down the tree as fast as he could to check up on William. “What is it Will? Whatchu’ looking at? Why aren’t you collecting these seeds? Mr. Worthington won’t be happy if he knew he hired a log instead of a strong man for his labour.”

“Look over there, David.” William replied hastily as he rapidly taps on David’s shoulders while he was bending down picking up the seeds on his own. “What is it, Will? I got no time for games.” David replied while still focusing on his task at hand.

“I’m not joking, Dave… look at that short figure over there. It sure looks like a Morgo, but how would a Morgo travel this far south to this region?”

“Morgo you say?” David finally gave in and straightens his back to look up at what William was trying to tell him about. “Well, it could be just a little child. How would you be so able to tell that figure in the distant is a Morgo?” David added.

“Why would a little child be hanging on a Fisher tree and looking like he or she is spying on the villagers, you stupid?!” William speak up louder as he was trying to get it into the thick skull of David that what he saw was nothing ordinary.

As David tried to squint his eyes to look into a distant to make up what the short figure is, “Well, you’re right, Will. That certainly look suspicious.”

“Should we report back to the Old Man Worthington?” William suggested as he look at David with a sense of excitement while more taken over with curiosity. “I don’t think so. Let’s be sure of what we lookin’ at before we tell the Old Man. We wouldn’t want to scare the whole village for what could turn out to be nothing. Besides, Morgos don’t come here no more, Will. Morgos had not since step on this Southern Lands since the great war. If a Morgo is to be here, it would mean that they are going against the treaty.” said David as he was going on and on with his bizarre historical knowledge which William had no clue about.

“All I know is, if Morgos are here, we shouldn’t be this calm. You know what happened the last time Morgos were here, don’t you Dave?” William interrupted.


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Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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