The Compatriots (Episode 2)

“We certainly need to see this out.” David said as he glared at the suspicious figure in the distant. “Let’s go Will! Let’s investigate!”

William being just 2 years older than David, never actually acted upon his seniority. Being a well-built young man, a head length taller than David, and a fair complexion, William is too timid for a man of his size. With this timid trait, he is always following David in whatever he does with or without his own opinions or stand.

Before the two went on to investigate, they went on to David’s shack to grab on their gears and stock on some food for the evening. “Would we really need these food, Dave?” William said as he looked inquisitively at the bag of bread that David had packed. “Sure we do. We have no idea how long we would spend in the outer skirts of the farm looking for this Margo of yours. We won’t wanna’ be starving through the night, do we?”

After packing everything they could, the both of them head out of the shack. Packing mainly food, followed by hoes, a rusty dagger, some ropes, and a pickaxe, both of them surely look like they are going for a journey way further than the outskirts of the farm. The people of Dunningtown often bring hoes with them as they leave their humble shacks. With the outskirts being a dangerous place, most of them are trained to dig deep to spend the nights whenever they are out of the protection of Crowe’s guards.

The Kingdom of Crowe sit directly at the south eastern region of Valador. Ruled by a sloth, King Willei Navara, heir of the late and wise King Tunis Navara, is certainly the reason why Crowe had fallen off its glory days. Unlike decades ago under the stewardship of King Tunis, Crowe was one of the richest kingdom within the region. With the high consumption of Fisher seeds, King Willei had instructed the higher rate of farming around his castle. Dunningtown being in the western most region of Crowe is considered as one of Willei Navara’s pride in its kingdom’s outer ring of Fisher farms. Having the guards of Crowe guarding the outskirts of Dunningtown would certainly prevent the Tynes from coming in and ravaging Navara’s proudest yields.

Venturing beyond these region would mean that both David and William are far from Crowe’s guards and into the jungle where the Tynes reside. “Good thing we have our hoes huh, Dave? Wouldn’t want the filthy Tynes to make us their scrumptious breakfast in the morning.”

“Let’s hope we wouldn’t need to venture into any Tyne Camps or better yet, dig our own grave on their yard.” David replied with a grin on his face to signify his inadequate sense of humour.

Reaching the borders, David could see the guards looking at them suspiciously. Probably due to the fact that most Dunningtowns do not venture into the outer region, it would be a foolish thing to do to venture into the Tynes’ residence. As they approach the border, a guard approached them and asked, “What both of you younglings doing all the way out here? Let me take a good look at y’all faces.”

Grabbing both their faces and tilting slightly left and right as the guard take a good look at William’s and David’s face for a good long period before uttering another word, “You both seem good. Off you go. Better to come back into the border before the sun sets. We would not care more than to send out troops to search for you while risking our lives to the Tynes, you hear me?!”

“Sure thing, sir. We are not prepared to be Tynish delicacy despite our young and tender meat.” David said as he walks pass the guard post.

After an hour of venturing into the beyond, David and William now find themselves far away from home and deep into the Tyne controlled jungle maze.

“It is important that we do not get separated from one another.” William said as he looks around with a worried expression. “Being separated is one thing, we better keep it quiet as well.” William continued.

“I know. It’s best if you could be the one to stop making all these unnecessary noises yourself. Tynes have pretty good ears ya’ know?” David replied in a soft tone which is almost like a whisper.

“Alright… I apologize. It’s just hard to keep my voice down with my heart jumping like crazy.” William said as he tried to calm himself down. Despite William’s big physique and solid look, he had never been happy with leaving his comfort zone. Venturing so far out of Dunningtown could possibly be one of his greatest challenge yet.

“Look! There is a track ahead of us. It certainly don’t look like footprints of those of our kind. It’s also too small to be that of a Tyne’s. Wait,… there are two of them!” David exclaimed as he slowly examine the soil beneath him.

“What you mean by two? Most of us have two legs, no? Of course there would be more than one footprint if anyone or anything that could have passed here.” William replied sarcastically.

“No, Will… there seems like there are two of who-knows-what had passed through here. These are definitely not of any animals that we know of, or belong to any Tynes. There are rather smaller than ours and look like these creatures are rather careful with their steps up to this part of course.”

“Alright, so what’s the conclusion?” William said as he looked up on David’s face blankly.

“I think you may have been right, Will. This could be the footprints of Margos.” David replied with a look of certainty.



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