The Compatriots (Episode 3)

As they were walking through the jungle mostly in parallel to the Margo tracks, the sun starts to shy away from the skies and the lonely moon is upon them.

“I think we should be going back. We don’t want to get ourselves stuck in the jungle with the Tynes without the sun.” William said, worriedly.

“Alright. Let’s get going then.” David replied.

While they were tracking back from where they came, suddenly David spots an unusually big footprint.

“This doesn’t look good, Will.” David said as he turned to Will with a worried expression.

Just before Will can utter any words, they both heard conversations among the tree lines. Curiously, as both William and David peak through the leaves, there stood 3 large figures. Mostly dressed in rugged animal skin clothing and with an almost bald hairstyle, both of the Dunningtown adventurers knew, … they were up against three Tynes.

“What are we supposed to do, Dave? That’s our only way back.” William whispered as he started to show perspiration of fear.

“Unless we can pass through the thick jungle without the guidance of our own track, I think we got to camp here silently and wait it out.” David replied.

Just as they were both about to agree with David’s idea, one of the Tynes got too smart at that particular moment.

“It seems like we are intrudeds… we Tynes should shows the lil’ beings thats tisz jungle of oursz iz not for themsz.” the Tyne said as he inspected the tracks David and William left behind.

“Gibberishes, Olag. Who darez to steps into our humblelest jungle homesz.” replied another Tyne.

“But lookz here, tiz has got to be the prints of the lil’ beings.” the Tyne which seems to possess the name of Olag, replied.

“Hmm,… then tiz lil’ ones better hopez that we don’t findsz them.” replied the previous Tyne.

Shaking from fear, William’s thought is pounding with the intend to run for his life straight through the Tynes and hope that he could outrun them into the borders of Dunningtown. However, out of a sudden, they could hear the leaves moving.

“Seems like someone’s here besides us.” David said as he examines their surroundings.

“I promise I would not hurt both of you lads if you would not scream nor do anything funny as  I reveal myself to you.” a rather soft toned voice spoke. “I would gladly help you lads rid off these filthy Tynes.”

“Well, sure. Reveal yourself and we have a deal.” David replied without giving it much thoughts.

Soon after, a dark figure, not more than half the height of William came out from the tree lines.

“Wait,… you’re a Margo.” William said as he widen his eyes.

“Yes, I am.” the Margo replied. “You see, I am a hunter, and a rather good one. It’s been days since I get myself anything fancy from the jungle way west from here. So I took the initiative to travel rather further from where I used to hunt.” the Margo continued as he begins his adventure tales.

“Look, we got no time to waste. I’m sure that story of yours can continue once we get pass these Tynes.” David interrupts while pointing towards the setting sun.

“Fine, you puny human.” the Margo said as he slowly removes his bow and lay it on the ground expecting David to look after it. Soon after, he shove out two daggers, one from each side of his well designed leather-like suit. With two daggers in both hands, the Margo slowly walked towards the Tynes’ direction with utmost confidence.

“Well, well, well… if not for the filthy Tynes.” said the Margo as he revealed himself to the three Tynes.

“How darez you lil’ puny thingz!” Olag the Tyne replied with anger.

“There, there… please be courteous or I shall remove your filthy tongues from your empty skull.” replied the Margo while pointing his right dagger towards the Tyne’s face.

“Boyz! Let’sz make tiz lil’ thingz our dinners!” shouted the other Tyne.

Just seconds after the shout, the three Tynes charged at the Margo. With agile-like moves, he managed to escape the grab from all three of the Tynes. While evading, with fluent and fluid moves, he managed to slice their palms with his daggers. Crying in pain and with anger, all three Tynes now tried to trap him from three sides. The Margo then skilfully threw one of his daggers at the eye of one of the Tynes and later on hopped on top of him and put another dagger through his skull, at an instant, ending his life.

Staring with disbelief, the other two Tynes continue on with the plan. After swiftly retrieving his daggers, the Margo jumped right onto another one of the Tyne and sliced through his throat with ease, instantly putting the Tyne down to the ground, immobilized.

As soon as that, he hopped up again to the last Tyne. This time, without much agile and fancy moves, the Margo put one dagger through the Tyne’s arms, causing the Tyne to scream out with pain. Once his mouth was wide open from the cry, the Margo shifted right up to his face and pulled out the Tyne’s tongue. With swift action, the Margo’s dagger sliced through the tongue, leaving the Tyne to collapse uttering literal gibberish while crying with pain.

“I told you I would slice out your tongue.” the Margo said as he dusted his hands and wiped his daggers on his suit in an attempt to clean the Tyne blood stain.

Witnessing the action in disbelief, both David and William later on approached the Margo.

“Wow! You are really really good!” William exclaimed as his eyes flicker with admiration.

“Thank you for your help. May I ask what we may call you?” David asked while offering his hand for a shake.

“You can call me Yvnes. My name’s Yvnes Stronghold.” the Margo replied while reaching out to shake David’s hand.

“Alright Yvnes, we will now continue our journey back home to Dunningtown. Hope you have a pleasant hunt and once again thank you for your help.” said David.

“Wait, human. Let me follow you lads to Dunningtown. I have a message to bring to your people.” replied Yvnes as he blocked the path of both David and William.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. We would need to come out with an explanation.” William said as he scratch his forehead.


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About D.C. Fischer

Dwayne C. Fischer is my pseudonym. I am a writer who writes to share and to deliver my words to the public. I believe that through words, it is more efficient to deliver messages because words are shields from discrimination and prejudice. Words are also the one and only weapon that can penetrate the thick scull of ignorance.

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