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A Rather Interesting Trip To The Diner

American City Diner

American City Diner (Photo credit: katmeresin)

Imagine this. You went to a diner just to have your ordinary meal. You see an old man sitting near the counter staring at his food. ‘Perhaps this old man is too old to feed himself?’ you wondered. Out of a sudden, you felt like you could hear voices of thoughts. ‘Where do these voices come from?’ you asked yourself. Soon, you realised, parts of it came from the old man.

‘This pancake is just so smokin’ hot! How I wish they would come to live. Hmm, let’s just wait it out and see if that’s gonna happen.’ thoughts of the old man as he continue staring at his plate of pancakes, lifting one side of his eyebrow in a rather cheeky manner.

‘I must have gone mental!’ you thought to yourself. ‘However, I’ve got to admit, that old man is hilarious!’

He Is We Are

He Is We Are (Photo credit: Viewminder)

Then from the corner of the diner, that table nearest to the toilet entrance, ‘God, how I like the smell of toilets. Luckily I came early enough to snatch a seat at this precious spot!’ thoughts from a rather plump lady at her 30s, while smiling so widely as if she has won the lottery and looking around her.

‘What the -, is she for real?’ as you ponder upon her thoughts, looking focus directly at her. She then turned to you as she noticed your glance.

‘Hey there, what a nice day. So glad that people nowadays don’t flush after they’re done in the loo ain’t that right?’ replied in thoughts by the lady as she turned her view towards you while keeping that rather annoying smile of hers. It is as if she now know you can read her mind!

‘Lady, you have pretty serious issues. Yet, I find it funny somehow.’ you thought as you shift your view away from her. You then come to see of a child staring right at you, up and down, shifting at a rhythmic motion, viewing from the plate of spaghetti beneath your face, scanning up to look right in your eyes in repetition.

With that killer motive look, it reads ‘You, my friend, has chose to eat the spaghetti at the wrong time.’ ‘What?! How would there be a time when it would be wrong to have a plate of spaghetti?’ you thought as you squint while staring back at him.

Angry kiddo

Angry kiddo (Photo credit: Razvan Radu –

He then grinned in a rather evil manner and thought to himself, ‘So, you want it the hard way. You must have got guts made of steel to eat spaghetti on a day I pooped in my pants and with some of those feeling like the meatballs you have on your spaghetti being in my pants. My friend, you really are suicidal.’

Abruptly cutting between your view of the diner, the waitress lay down a tray in front of you and place the milk you ordered earlier on your table. As she left, all you see then, is an old man eating his pancakes, a rather happy lady at her 30s smiling warmly at her date, and an adorable 3 year old child sitting there staring at you while his mother spoon feeds him.

‘Oh, such entertainment.’ you told yourself as you put up a rather soft laughter. Creativity and imagination, an entertainment to all ages!