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The Delusion of Numbers and Time

Those who have watched the movie, Lucy should have seen the bigger picture of the capabilities of human if we could access more than 10% of the brain. However, the ending must have been the climax of the movie as that’s when Lucy could finally achieved 100% of her brain.

What amazed most who watched the movie must have been the part where Lucy describes the delusion of numbers and how it was invented by us just to simplify the complexity of existence and also the part where she could manipulate time. Now listen to this idea concept that might make sense to you and persuade you to believe more of such a possibility.

The Delusion of Numbers

Since we were young, we were taught with ways to count. We solve harder mathematical problems as we grow older in hopes that our knowledge could help bring mankind forward. What if mathematics is a lie? 

Let’s take the simplest example. We all know that 1+1=2. Right? Now, so is 3-1 and 4-2. Both of these equations also equates to 2. Still don’t get the picture? How about this, 4(2)+(-9)+3 also equals to 2. No matter how many numbers or how complex the equation is evolved, as long as you possess all possible mathematical knowledge you could equate it to 2 by modifying it. What does this tell us? 

There is no definition to numbers. All these definitions comes from us. If we let the 6 billion population in the world to come out with the equation to obtain the number 2 without duplicating answers, we will get 6 billion different equations. If we do that to a population beyond 6 billion, we will get even more different equations. This goes on and on until we reach infinity.


Now that is a word worth discussing about. We use that term whenever we try to measure something that is infinite. Different people would see infinity differently. Some would say it is a very large number, some would say it goes on and on forever.

However, the real reason we have infinity is because there is no end to numbers. If there is no end to something, there would not have been a starting point. So if such, then there is no existent to that particular something. Infinity is just a word we rather use than the word undefined.

The Delusion of Time

Time is an entity we created just to measure the impossible. Just like why we created numbers. However with regards to time, you think you know a lot, but you don’t.

Many of those who are interested in Science or Physics would have heard of the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. In simple english, that theory simply explains in context of time that, a period of 5 minutes for example, could span out differently to different individuals. 

Was there a time when you took a 30 minutes nap, but you could create a dream with a span longer than that? Or you simply dozed off for 5 minutes or less, yet able to get a dream which have you woke up and thought you slept for an entire hour. Yet within all these dreams, things seems to move at the usual speed. But why did you used less time for all of that to happen?

The ticking clock you see on your wall, does not represent time. It is a delusion that human created so we often runs around the clock. We chase time, yet there is no such a thing to chase. When you dream, you created time for yourself. You took the 30 minutes or 5 minutes you had and prolonged it to your liking. In your perspective alone, you had spent that period of time for so long as you have wished.

So if we were able to do that subconsciously, imagine doing it consciously. 

Our Limitations

Perhaps, we limit ourselves to things that we know, and thus we created these numbers and concept of time to simplify what we don’t yet know or understand. This could be a law that governs us, or a limitation that restricts us. Whatever it is, let’s never see time and numbers the same as we always had. Always remember, these are all our creations, that are not much different from our figment of imagination.


Forgetting Christmas

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Every 25th of the twelfth month, we celebrate the birth of a magnificent figure who once walked the earth. ‘Was he divine, or a mere man?’, many debated. No matter the signs he bore, or represented, we all knew he was the reason many have found faith. He had walked the earth for everyone, yet not everyone had walked the earth for Him. However the differences, He preached peace.


Despite such a fact many Christians are fed with since birth, not many remember. Younger generations are more fascinated with the idea of ‘Santa Clause’. Advertising agents perhaps, profit per se on it. For those who be reminded with St. Nicholas, he or she be blessed. Yet even so, it is easy to encounter one who has no thought of such a figure, instead a round bellied red coated old man, who descends upon chimneys, and rob many off their cookies and glasses of milk.


Acceded it be a good childhood story, many still forget the purpose of such a jolly occasion. If seen through the window of a 21st century, all you could see is many who prefer distance from families, sharing, and sacrifices.


Christmas is perhaps summarized best with a single word, ‘love’. Love, be it to family or friends, or even strangers that we have every rights to ignore, yet chose not to. Withal, as effortful as can be, it is of hardship to find such a scene amongst the ones who acknowledge Christmas. Be it absorbed by time through shifts of eras, it is significant for one to understand its celebration.


We must never forget Christmas.


The 5 Chapters Of Inner Battle

don't eat that!

don’t eat that! (Photo credit: Jem Yoshioka)

**Author’s Message

This is written as a dedication to serve as a motivation to those who are struggling with eating disorders. I hope I have depicted the concept of inner battle to those who are trying to curb with their disorders in the best way possible without sacrificing its value to serve those who needed motivation from other prospects besides eating disorders. I had loved ones who experienced the same and wish others to not give up their fight.

The Downfall

As cold as it gets, no weather can match what you have felt. So beaten, so weary, so burdened, you could hardly believe that you can still breathe after all you had been through. All you have is yourself. What could you have possibly done to deserve such fate, you wondered. Unfortunately nobody can answer you, nor will there ever be any answers. Everyday is a battle. A battle to stay up and alive. A struggle to get through days filled with tests that have brought you to your limits.

The truth is that, you understand. You understand the reality that everyone has their own battle to fight. It is perfectly clear to you that no one will ever be in a better condition than you. But at times like this, it is hard to tell. Could that have been the truth about life? Could it be that nobody else’s battle is easier than mine? You just cannot wrap your mind around the fact that everyone has to fight such a hard battle.

You thought at this point, it would be better if you were in someone else’s shoes, but reality forbids. You woke up the next day and there you were, putting on your battle prints to fight through another day. You are a persistent individual. An individual who will not go down without putting a good fight. So did you, fighting through, winning some and losing some. You have persevered, for days to years, from years to decades. “But will there be an end?”, you thought. Just so exhausting.

The Fork Road

Day in day out, you were given the choice to continue or to give up. Dilemma flooded your mind as if it was hit by waves and waves of tsunami. You know you could not give up. All the voices surrounding you, telling you life is a battle that you must continue to fight for. How you wish all those voices would just leave you alone, yet at the same time you needed them. How are you going to make a decision upon which path you shall take, knowing none of them will offer you any peace of mind. In the end however, you have to make a decision.

The Bridge

As you finished your exhausting routines of chores and errands, you decided to take a rest, regardless of the undone tasks. “For now, I had enough”, you told yourself. This is probably your hundredth time telling yourself the similar, yet never did mean to intend. In the past when you did, you still got back up to continue whatever that exhaust you. Perhaps that is your one and only achievement till date.

Howbeit, this day was different. As you sat in a cafe corner across the slum, you noticed perhaps the poorest man you have came across in your life. Not long after, you soon widen your eyes to try to accept the fact that this man have indeed, five children to afford for. You soon came up with all the possible calculations to get over the fact, how this five children could have survived under such a poor home. To no avail, none of the calculations you tried, came out logical.

With curiousity, beyond that of a cat’s, you returned to the same place the next day. This time around, you still get to see the poor man. You then followed him all day long to feed your curiousity. The figure of such poverty could not even escape your sight even if you lose your focus for minutes. Soon you found yourself coming to an entrance to an underground space. Then it hit you. It was an old storage space. The poor man then exposed his severely damaged right arm and started lifting heavy bags as part of his job.

The Realization

The poor man’s deed had touched you so deep you could not stop yourself from asking why. Why in the world would a person work so hard to the extend of damage yet knowing he could never provide enough for his family still. The man then said, “Son, it is not how much I could do, or how capable I am. My family is my responsibility. It is my responsibility to raise my children, and nobody else’s. It is not if you could do it or not, it is why you need to do it.”


It is not if we could win our battle, but why we need to fight. A battle is well lost when we find no reason to fight. The story above, tells “you” as your enemy, the “poor man” as your will, and his “five children”, your spark of life. Our daily battles had made us tell ourselves a really sad story. Yet in the end of the day, when you find a reason to prevail, no enemies will not shiver upon your will to do so. The only person who you have to defeat, is yourself who prevents you from finding the “poor man” in you.

The Day Equality Prevails Over Morality


Equality (Photo credit: Rich Renomeron)

Many may get confused. What does morality has not been able to offer when it is what most humanitarians live by? What many do not wonder upon is that morality does not necessarily include equality and at the same time, equality is what many people persue.

This simply means that, a morally behaved man may not be as fair or believe as much in justice. This is why justice has failed to prevail in some cases even in modern civilized days.

But then, what is equality? When we treated dogs and cats and many more as pets, where there are animals, who are not much of a different be treated as food, is that equality? However this could not be questioned as it is one of society’s norms that certain animals are pets and certain ones are food. However, have any ever asked why?

Some may have snakes as pets yet critized. But to its owner, snakes worth more than the rest to be pets. Same as those who could have raised pigs as pets yet others raise pigs as porks. This is all totally dependent to how humans perceive different situations with different perspectives. In short, we will never think of equality because we chose preference.

Why can’t we achieve morality and equality at the same time? Maybe we could. But if equality is to be imposed, our morally acts would include giving swines massage therapies for they would deserve as much as any of us. Perhaps even letting dogs live in houses and us sleeping in kernels.

Yet when you apply morality without equality, it seems immoral when viewed from those who do not benefit. We allow cats to hunt down mice and reward the cats in exchange for brutal punishments for the mice. Yet it is moral to pat a cat for its great job and immoral to abuse a cat for lives it has wasted.

Then there are those who ask, “Why are there no equality?” It is because we chose morality to govern us.

Guide to Improvement: Overcome

I’ve often meet people who find it hard to blend in with people around them or to find courage to actually stand and fight for what they want. They are either too shy or suffering from great insufficient of self-esteem. The fact is, this is normal. In fact, I have experienced through it. How to actually improve yourself? The keyword here is, “Overcome“.

  1. Be better than you were the day before, the next day. Always aim to improve in at least 1 aspect of your qualities on the next day. If you failed to do so, do not despair. The bright side of it is that, at least that particular quality of yours did not grow backwards.
  2. Know the meaning of courage. In many times, you may choose to avoid a battle because you feel afraid. Know that, it is perfectly perfect to be a coward. In fact, the more cowardly you are, just proves your intelligence. Only an idiot would stand head to head with a threat he could not overturn. Courage is when you decide to overcome. When you believe you do something because you need to, not because you wish you could. If you need courage in anything that you may do, think of the reason why, and stand for the reason, not by your bravery. Use your courage.
  3. Get an Overcome Partner. If you are coincidentally a close friend to someone who has his/her self-esteem at a perfect level, this will work for you. Use him/her as your “aim-setter”. Whenever you wanted to try for something, ask them what would they do and take their considerations strongly. Of course, make sure that their rationality is in check. As long as their answers are logical, accept them. Tell yourself that, if they are confident enough to grab their chances, you could pull it off too.
  4. Know yourself. Many thought they knew themselves, when they actually don’t. What you think of yourself is not who you are, just mere lies you tell yourself to feel optimum. Never settle for the little self-discriminator inside you. Who you are is who you think you will, want, could and should be. If you want to be better, you are better. If you will, could and think you should, then you are that anyone you will, want, could and should be.
  5. Be yourself, like yourself. Once you have figured out who you are, be yourself even though you can’t please everyone. If you feel like you could be better after you are brought down in any ways, it just means that you want to be better, which in turn means that you can be better and you just realised that you could and you are better than who you are now.
  6. Enough is abundance. When you try to improve, enough is the key. Never go limitless or you will cease to find the purpose in all this. Know when is enough so you do not lose yourself and finally end up being the society’s puppet. Once you find yourself and overcome your weak qualities to a satisfying level you know you deserve,  be satisfied.

Overcome, overcome, overcome. Lastly, always remember the keyword. You can never be yourself and get your confidence and self-esteem without overcoming your fears and any other factors. If you have the will, you can polish yourself to a shine you will never believe you will ever have.

The Thing About Friendship Is That, There’s No Break Up

Meeting someone new is great, but those we have known for ages can never be replaced. When everything just seem so perfect. Slowly and unknowingly, they walked into your life, so deep you would never know.

The moment was right, the other half is just perfect, but being ready was never thought of. That one shot, one chance was given, what better deed to do than to accept? Both of you just got closer than before and miracle could happen. You snapped, you freaked, you pulled out. All you did because you were afraid.

Things just do not happen like we expect it to be. What a universal truth, we all know. Chances missed, opportunities wasted, life goes on.

But how could you forget? Perfection don’t come easy. She is a friend, your bestfriend. You prayed to God for an angel, there she was, standing in front of you. Perhaps you could hope for one more chance instead.

Time passes by, all you knew, was to give her that one-sided love. Others came to her and went – none was perfect. Still, you were there, by her side. Will she ever know?

Could this go on forever? Will you stand there and hope that no one will ever be perfect for her? What a selfish thought indeed.

As you went out of patience, you went in for an ultimatum. Of course, an ultimatum that is safe and secure. Still, you did not say how you feel.

Things went out of control, you said you wanted to leave. Then she said, “The thing about friendship is that, there’s no break up.”

Crystal Clear Mirror – Penitence

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – reflect upon me, my true self that I cease to know.

There are times, we could not even look up to ourselves. We felt disgusted with what we had become, what we had done, or said or intended. None of such should cost anyone in this world, the loss of self worth.

An act of penitence does not define the unworthiness of a character, instead the contrary. Our past deeds will always be the past. No actions later may alter the fact. However, penitence, soon to follow like a shadow’s distance from a subject, is that one and only chance we could compensate for our deeds.

Fear not, for those who remorse their deeds, for their courage to admit them. Fear those, who decorate their deeds, in such ways, convincing enough to blur your vision between good and evil.

Never for a moment, doubt yourselves when you are constantly struck with the realizations of your winding paths in life. Mistakes are inevitable, may it be intentional mistakes or not. An intention exists beyond our full control. Therefore having intended to do a deed, be it good or bad, could simply be a mistake and not unalterable scars.

Why are we struck with these realizations and feel remorse? Remorse for your past actions, is simply a sign. A sign of who you really are. Knowing ourselves is a task impossible for most. But penitence, unknowingly, serve us better than a mirror could.

When we feel guilt, we know we had done wrong. Guilt exists after admittance. Admittance towards one’s fault is a courageous trait, and a trait worth seeing. Such a trait is a glimpse of light in a dark cave it represents. Further ‘self-inflict’ punishments are unnecessary once such thoughts exist. Though the tendency of losing self worth is common to occur, one should think the otherwise and be more rich with perspectives in their views.

Understand that, once you feel self worthlessness, you know what went wrong. So do you know what you should and should not do in later time. It is a self discovery of self characteristics. Without such moments, there will not be an entity for us to compare our self worth by. Only with bad deeds and remorse afterwards, are what made us realize, in a sense that, we could be better than who we are now.

What better mirror to use to reflect upon ourselves, than penitence? Be glad you feel remorse for your deeds, and not otherwise. Self worthlessness is perhaps one of those negative sounding concepts that actually bring positive impacts.

Question your worthiness, is what raises your worthiness.